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Wish Upon a Star

Oak & Teak Wood Furniture

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good design is sustainable design

Bareeki embraces the essence of slow commerce, infusing our business processes with a profound appreciation for artistry and purpose. Each of our meticulously designed, handcrafted, and packaged products honors the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship. Patience is the hallmark of true art; hence, we unveil a single exquisite collection every six months.

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Teak, Bouclé & Ergonomics

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Bareeki is Evolving

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our offerings with three distinct lines: Bareeki, our classic range; Bareeki Lux, the epitome of opulence; and Bareeki Linen, the pinnacle of sumptuous comfort.

Experience the panache and poise of Bareeki, where luxury meets tradition.