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Steampunk Inspired Retro Solid Wood TV Cabinet

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This cabinet is named after the Steampunk style of Interior Design. Steampunk style is one of the most formidable and versatile design styles out there. It is influenced by the Industrial Revolution, which occurred during the Victorian era and is known for its ground-breaking technological inventions. Thus, the Steampunk style is a blend of Victorian décor and modernist elements of the Industrial Revolution. Using steampunk elements in graphic design allows designers to give an off-beat, distinctive twist to vintage styles. 

About The Retro Inspired Rattan Furniture Collection:

Our collection draws inspiration from retro styles over the decades. The retro furniture style has its origins in the classic Bauhaus style. It had emerged from the need for high-quality and comfortable furniture at an affordable price. The 1950s is the first decade of what most consider the start of retro furniture. Pieces became much sleeker and slender and plastic, vinyl, plywood, and laminate were all newly developed materials that enabled radical design developments. In the 1960s, bright, psychedelic patterns and bold bursts of colour were mainstream. A change from sleek to bulky furniture took place in the 1970s, with the colour palette being dominated by earthy tones like avocado greens, harvest golds, oranges, and earthy browns. The 1980s were dominated by chintz, pastels and ruffles, neons,  mirrored furniture, and also country-western inspired decor. 

Product Features:

  • Mango wood TV cabinet
  • One main compartment with removable shelf
  • Two large drawers with green and blue fronts
  • Darkly-stained with a matte finish 
  • Woven cane sheeting inlay in the sliding doors
  • Gold brass and crackle-glazed ceramic drawer and door handles
  • Cable holes
Primary Material Mango Wood
Secondary Material Cane, Ceramic, Brass
Finish Darkly-stained with a matte finish
Dimensions  L: 105 x D: 40 x H: 52 Cms
Estimated Delivery 3-4 weeks
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