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Do You Know Why your Home Deserves a Hand Knotted Rug?

Your home is your ultimate comfort zone, your cosy sanctuary. Wouldn’t you want your home to reflect your impeccable taste and style? Wouldn’t you want to add artefacts that are timeless and classic around you in your abode?

Certain things defy age and time to become heirloom possessions. Hand knotted rugs are like that. Once you own one and get used to it, you aren’t going to settle for anything less. And your hand crafted possession becomes a family heritage to be handed down to successive generations to come. 

What is so special about hand knotted rugs? For one, they are painstakingly knotted by hand by a master artisan. Secondly, they look out of this world in terms of beauty, class and authenticity. Thirdly, the durability of this rug is far more than ordinary carpets.

So, if you are pondering over buying something exquisite for your home, you can safely select a hand knotted carpet that will stand the test of time.

Are hand knotted rugs durable?

The yarn is tightly knotted by hand by skilled artisans around the warp and weft of the rug. The more the knots a rug has, the more intricate its design and the better its quality. You get extraordinary quality and durability in hand knotted rugs.

The techniques of knotting by hand are handed down through many generations of master craftsmen. The knots may be in the Turkish or Persian style. Since superior quality materials are used to make these rugs, and a complex hand weaving technique is used, these rugs have exceptional strength and durability.

This sturdy rug can withstand the ravages of use and time, and be passed on to future generations. They are the last word in durability. 

Do hand knotted rugs shed?

A rug of poor quality will shed loose fibre as a part of the wearing process, but a genuine product of superior quality will not. The minor imperfections that may be present in a handmade piece are, in fact, testimony to the laborious weaving process that has gone into its making. 

You can discern a hand knotted rug by seeing the underside. A factory-made product will have a latex coating that holds the tufts in place covered by a fabric that an authentic traditional hand knotted carpet doesn’t have. 

Besides this, you can discern the original product from the fringes of the rug. In a handmade rug, the fringes form the rug foundation and are an integral part of the whole design. In a machine-made one however, you will notice that fringes are separately added on to the rug to make it appear handmade.

Are hand knotted rugs from India good quality?

In India, our skilled master craftsmen weave some of the best, most intricate carpets with dense KPSI. Hand knotted rugs from India are considered some of the finest and most beautiful in the world.

The knots of a traditional hand knotted rug are extremely tight and are visibly tied together closely.

The quality of these rugs can be gauged by the knot density. The knot density varies from 40 knot per square inch (KPSI) to 2000 knots per square inch. 

You can find out the carpet’s KPSI by turning it over and checking the knots. A rug of poor quality will have lesser knots per square inch, while standard quality rugs will have at least 400 knots per square inch. The most expensive, high quality rugs, have anything above 1000 knots per square inch, and take the maximum time to get completed.

Owing to the time consumed and specialized skill involved in making a superior quality rug, hand knotted rugs tend to be cost more than machine-made rugs. You get the following advantages: 

  • Made from pure wool or silk alone, or wool combined with silk.
  • Each piece is unique, the beauty of a genuine product being exquisite. 
  • A genuine rug knotted by hand lasts for generations.

Wouldn’t you want your home to have one of these beauties?

How to Assess the Quality of a Genuine Piece

If you want this timeless heirloom artifact for your home, you would need to purchase an original product.  But how would you know if the rug you are buying is of best quality?

Make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • Has a KPSI of over 1000
  • Is made of pure wool or silk with cotton
  • The underside doesn’t have an attached coating
  • The fringes are a part of the design.
  • It doesn’t shed loose fibres.

If a manufacturer or stockist is offering a genuine piece, all these conditions will be met.

Get your home the warmth and timeless beauty of a genuine, long-lasting hand knotted rug that spells class and stands the test of time!