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Hand-Knotted vs Hand-Tufted Rugs: What's the Difference?

Handmade artefacts and collectibles are the current rage throughout the world. We have long outgrown the obsession for factory made, standardized furnishings for our home, and would now prefer to have something that is made by hand. The exclusivity and the personalized touch are what make hand crafted things so precious.

It goes without saying that handmade craftsmanship is expensive. So, despite desiring to possess a handmade artefact, not everyone has the means to purchase one.

Hand tufted rugs are some handmade collectibles that are created with skill by artisans, and also fit into your budget. These are different from hand knotted rugs in terms of the time and skill required for weaving. Since the process is partially done on mechanized tool, rugs that are hand tufted are more affordable than those that are hand knotted.

So, if you are interested in buying something that looks stunningly beautiful and is also practical to use, without burning a hole in your pocket, opt for hand-tufted area rugs.  

What does hand tufted mean in a rug?

After making the carpet design on paper, a tool called a tufting gun is used to trace the design on a canvas on a frame. Once the hand tufted rug is completed, a second fabric called the scrim is glued to the back to hold the yarns in place. A fringe may be added to the rug by either sewing or gluing it on.

Hand tufted rugs do not take as much time to be woven as hand knotted rugs. Both are made by hand, though the technique of creating hand tufted and hand knotted rugs differ. These are far more durable and sturdier than factory made, standard rugs. 

However, make sure you buy from a reliable vendor, as the quality of hand tufting varies from rug to rug, and depends on the technique and material used. The latex that is used to bind the rug material can break down if it is of poor quality.

Do hand-tufted rugs have loops?

These rugs are made of wool, and the loops are sheared after being finished. This flattens the rug pile height and makes it more comfortable. 

The edges of hand tufted rugs are bound to make them stronger.

You need to take care of these carpets by regularly cleaning them. Avoid beating or thrashing as these rugs are of variable quality and durability. Make sure the under-covering of the rug you purchase is strong, or the carpet might fall apart over time.

If you take care to maintain them, the best hand tufted rugs will last a couple of decades, much longer than machine made carpets.

Are hand tufted rugs good quality? 

As explained above, though lesser durable than genuine hand knotted rugs, these rugs are far superior in quality to machine-made carpets. 

You get good value for money with the best hand tufted rugs. These are suited for homes that have small children or hyperactive pets, where maintaining an expensive hand knotted rug would be difficult. 

Also, because of the affordability, you can decorate your home with more than one piece. They last for a couple of decades if they are properly maintained. 

The following need to be kept in mind while using hand tufted rugs:

  • Do not place in high traffic area, as the edges get dirty and are difficult to clean.
  • Stains are harder to remove as you cannot use too much moisture or heat to clean.
  • If the glue dries out, the under-covering can loosen up. This happens in poor quality rugs.
  • In rugs of inferior quality, the smell of latex may linger even after a couple of vacuums.

You can pick colorful hand tufted rugs to place in your living room under the couch or settee, or in the dining room under the table. These beauties add character and warmth to your home, without draining your budget. 

There are several carpet outlets both online as well as offline, but not each one will give you the assurance of quality, durability and artisanship. 

 Always buy the genuine hand tufted rugs from a vendor who assures you of the following:

  • Best designs and workmanship of rugs by master craftsmen
  • Excellent durability and high quality of latex used. No smell emits or latex dust is produced when you clean them.
  • There is no shedding as carpet loops are properly sheared, and the rug is made suitable for regular use.
  • Strong under covering that binds the carpet together.

 Since rugs are an integral part of your interior décor, make sure these reflect your impeccable choice and taste. And when you can get one in your budget, that’s the icing on the cake!

Take the looks of your living space a few notches higher with a bright and vibrant hand tufted rug.